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What Other Types Of Espresso Drinks Are There

We all know that an espresso is either a single or double shot of coffee (which is usually less than an ounce). But if you are really feeling brave some people like to have a triple or double shot instead. But there is much more to an espresso than just these. In this article we will look at the names of espresso drinks that are regularly ordered in coffee shops around the world. Latte This is a drink made with a shot of espresso and steamed milk (which usually comes with a layer of frothy foam on top). Although in Italian latte just means milk so when ordering in Rome you should ask for a Caffe Latte, however in most American coffee shops today all you need to do is ask for a Latte.

Cappuccino This drink is a great favorite with many. But instead of having a lot of milk in it as a latte does it has a lot of foam. However, those served in Starbucks will often be made up of half milk and half foam as well as the shot of espresso. They can sometimes be referred to as "wet" (more milk) or "dry" (with more foam). While if someone is ordering a really wet cappuccino then they are probably ordering something that is more like a latte instead.

Mocha This drink combines the shot of espresso with steamed milk and chocolate and often includes a cap of whipped cream and may be some chocolate shavings as well. This all depends on how self-indulgent a person wants to be when drinking this. Although chocolate is used in this drink it does not actually taste too sweet and it just adds a pleasing cocoa undertone to the flavor of the espresso instead. Americano Although this may look like a regular cup of coffee at first glance it is actually prepared differently from the others. What happens is the shot of espresso is mixed with hot water in order to dilute it. This can be a great alternative to the normal sort of brew that you drink.

When ordering this some people will ask the barista to leave them room for adding cream to it, but most prefer it just straight up. So the next time you are in your local coffee shop or Starbucks take a look at the names of espresso drinks on their menu and see which you one you fancy trying.

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