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Wine Basics - A Beginner's Guide to Wine

Understanding the basics of wine types, selections, storage and tasting will add new dimensions to your wine experience. A perfect introduction in choosing the right wine to suit both your budget and your tastes.

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Wines for Weddings
When the subject of weddings come up, visions of meaningful wedding toasts and wonderful, bubbly champagnes often come to mind. But which champagne should your offer at your wedding? What about the best wedding wines to serve and savor on your special day? If you are a Wine Lover and are hoping to incorporate your passion for the vine into your big day there are plenty of unique and creative options to do just that!

Tips for Letting Your Wine Breathe
The whole concept of letting wine breathe, or aerate, is simply maximizing your wine's exposure to the surrounding air. By allowing wine to mix and mingle with air the wine will typically warm up and the wine's aromas will open up, the flavor profile will soften and mellow out a bit and the overall flavor characteristics should improve.

Ordering Wine in a Restaurant
An insider's guide on how to order wine at a restaurant.

Wine Legs
The streaks that form on a wine glass when the wine is swirled, are they an indicator of quality or merely physics at work?

The Basics of Wine Tasting
Learn the basics of wine tasting with three easy to remember steps! Look, smell and taste, it's that easy.

Selecting Wines
There are several factors to consider when selecting a bottle of wine: price, preference and pairing. Once you settle on your price range, your style and taste prefences will play a key role in directing your decision. If you are buying a wine to pair with a specific meal, be sure to ask your local wine merchant a couple of questions.

Pairing Wines with Foods 101
Pairing your favorite wines with foods should not be a daunting endeavor. Quick tips provide a starting point, but really matching foods and wines comes down to matters of personal preference.

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