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Want to Surprise Your Family at The Dinner Table Here Is a Wonderful Steak Recipe for You

Every time I head to a steak house for a taste of some delicious steaks, I end up miserably, because I can not order it in the proper way. The first day I ordered steak that should be well done and what I got in my plate proved too chewey for the capacity of my teeth and it also seemed to me too dry. The next time I was in a rather chic restaurant and ordered a plate of beef steak without specifying anything. Then I did not know that if not specified, these beef houses cook the beef to a medium rare level that leaves the steak with brownish grey on the outside and pink inside. It was softer, but again I could not appreciate the taste. And this went on continuing until I resolved to learn some delicious steak recipes myself.

On my way to learning I came to know about the importance of the time of cooking. The degree of coking that is the heat you are applying over it determines the tenderness of the end product. In general American steaks are famous for quick charring over a dry heat. The trick lies how quickly you can sear it so that it does not remain raw, but the same time it remains tender and retains all its juice.

If you cook it for a shorter span, you are more likely to produce a juicier and softer steak dish which the true steak lovers will really appreciate. But it is a good idea to cook your steak up to the medium well level, where the steak gains a grayish brown in the outside and retain only a medium amount of juice. This state is the most hygienic for consuming meat, as germs are eliminated from the meat in this stage. Still if you do not want to get into the complexities of grilling, here is a simple steak recipe for you. In this preparation, you will not require to worry over the perfect searing of the steak.

It is a traditional style of cooking steak that involves pan frying of the meat. Cut a round steak into medium sizes pieces and marinate them with a pinch of salt and little flour. Then deep fry them until they are completely done. Remove them on a platter. Now add two table spoon of butter in the pan and add to it two spoonful of flour.

Stir well, so that lumps are not formed. Now pour slowly two cups of milk mixed with half cup of water over it and keep on stirring until you get thick and smooth gravy. Sprinkle some pepper on it.

Now serve the fried steaks along with this gravy: a simple recipe but a surefire way of extracting appreciation from your family and friends for your culinary skills.

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