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Top Antiaging Diet Tips Revealed

I could be wrong here but it seems every day a new diet or dieting technique is advocated to ensure a healthy life. But what I thought might be useful would be to put together a list of simple tips of foods and cooking techniques to avoid. I've called it "Seven Deadly Sins Diets Tips for Anti-Aging". A lot of this info you'll doubtless know but the fact you know it so often means you become blase` about it and totally ignore it. 1.

Stop eating manufactured foods:- You body was not designed to live on pies, cookies and candies none of which offer any real food value anyway. Try to stick to natural foods which are prepared from whole foods (a potato not fries a chicken not a chicken nugget). If you think how food is prepared and where it comes from before cooking it (an how you cook it) you won't go far wrong. 2. Avoid stuffing yourself and break meals down more:- You digestive system works better with 5 smaller meals the 3 huge platefuls.

Let you body have time to digest the food and avoid unhealthy snacking but don't feel bad at healthy snacks if you feel a little peckish. Five small meals will be more enjoyable and better for you and help in the long term, against aging too fast. 3. Avoid foods which are refined:- When you suffer contipation, or bloating most often this will be due to eating refined foods.

You need adequate amounts of fiber in your diet to remain regular. A happy bowel is a happy body as it can allow you get rid of any unwanted toxins and harmful substances. 4.Give me Water:- If you've never heard any one say this before i'd be amazed. But why is water so important? It's simple our body is made up of water and when we eat the wrong foods or drink alcohol it becomes dehydrated this means we need more water.When we drink water our bodies systems get flushed out (or if you prefer washed) this removes harmful substances that lead to illness, cancers and many other problems.

It's recommended you drink 8-10 cups of water a day. 5.Avoid those bad fats: Some people don't know there are different types of fat.

So I came up with an almost fool proof way of checking if fat is good or bad. If a fat originally comes from animal or is manufactured it is not as good for you as fat from a plant is. This means margarines are lower in saturated fat which is better for you than butter. Dont Forget:- Any fat will make you put on weight when used to excess so when planing you diet keep fats under control. 6. Stop eating unbalanced meals: - People all to frequently eat meals that are unbalanced or follow diets which omit or reduce some of the food groups to create an unbalanced diet.

An example of this which every one knows is the carb cutting diet of Dr Atkins which if adhered to for a prolonged period can be very unhealthy and leave you feeling quite ill. It very unbalanced and very unnaturally high in protein. Interesting to note is Dr Atkins died at the age of 72 allegedly 258 pounds in weight. 7. Stop experiencing sugar high and lows:- One of the worse things you can do to your body is to let your blood sugars rise and fall rapidly. This sugar rush is something many of people do to this bodies on a regular basis by eating cookies, candies and other high sugar content foods when then feel a little tired or fatigued.

This sudden low and high can lead to serious health complications in the future and effect how your body organs age. Strangely enough most people don't seem to grasp the concept of healthy eating for living longer. The more people abuse their body the more likely their life expectancy will be lowered significantly.

Are you getting old too fast and you'd like to know how to slow aging or maybe even reverse it well now you can get all the help you need to stop aging with the very latest information and advice at

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