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Indulging the Rich Smooth Chai Tea

Chai tea is the best know tea that has originated from India. Actually, the word 'chai' itself is a Hindu term for the English word 'tea'. Globally, this drink is also popularly known as 'masala chai', which, when translated into the Hindu language would literally mean 'spiced tea'. Chai tea is different from all the other types of tea that has been known and created by mankind. Because it originated from India, which is a mysterious culture itself, the drink is very mysterious and is causing curiosity all around the world. Chai tea is a kind of drink that is particularly characterized by the presence of milk.

Thus, the appearance of it is extremely tempting. It has a distinct and strong color and flavor. Because of the presence of milk, one would certainly how it tastes like. To describe it, the tea has that appealing sweet taste because sugar, or other alternative sweeteners, are added to it.

What makes the chai tea different from all other teas is the presence of milk in the traditional Indian beverage. Usually, milk does not go along well with teas, but in this case, it can be extraordinarily noted that the milk and the tea work harmoniously to please the drinker. The milk is proportionately added to the drink to give that distinct rich and creamy texture that would surely please your taste buds. It should be noted that milk is always hot before it is added to make the drink. People who would like to make their own chai tea can easily do so.

Another wonder of it is that it can easily be prepared nowadays. Because the world is being taken by storm by different coffee and tea brands that establish chains in different countries, each of these stores are devising their own unique tea and coffee menu. You could take note that the chai tea is fast becoming a popular choice for consumers. This is evident at the way coffee and tea chains include it in their long list of offerings. From the United States-based coffee shops, to the localized Indian tea houses, demand for chai tea is rapidly increasing. But did you know that like ordinary coffee, you could also easily prepare your own chai tea? The process can be as simple as preparing instant coffee.

Of course making the traditional chai tea is not as simple because ingredients like curry leaves, cloves, lemon grass, cardamom and others are not that simple to prepare. But there are alternative and easy-to-make versions out in the market today. For example, there are liquid and powdered chai teas in specialty stores.

You could easily buy such products, but they can never be as cheap as you would want them to be. They can also be marketed in teabags. Usually, these instant versions only need to be added with hot milk as the solvent, where the tea would be dissolved or immersed.

Sugar can also be added if the drinker would prefer. The advent of expresso machines can also be of great advantage. Expresso machines are necessary for preparing latte drinks. If you are creative enough, you could prepare chai tea in latte. Imagine what smooth, milky sensation the chai tea would become if it is made into latte.

It is in this form that modern and Westernized coffee and tea shops are selling chai teas to sophisticated beverage drinkers. Just like how spices make food better, spices are making these teas distinctly different and appealing to the palate. Try it out and experience the rich Indian tea experience that is not only invigorating, but also health-giving.

Lee Dobbins writes for where you can learn more about different kinds of tea including chai tea.

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