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For some time now I have been watching an Emmy-winning television personality and author who hosts at least four different programs on U.S. cable television's Food Network. Rachael Domenica Ray, has become one of my favorite culinary experts as her energetic personality and her smile have been enough to keep me in front of the TV screen to watch her teach simple recipes that she claims can be prepared in thirty minutes or less. Being an amateur cook myself, I was pleased to discover that she shared the same view that I have in relation to food measuring. As she emphasized, "it takes away from the creative, hands-on process of cooking.

" Her "eyeball it" expression has stayed with me every time I am about to experiment with something new and taste my efforts. Even though she has been heavily criticized for her appearance, her voice, her gestures and her energetic manner, I declare to be one of her funs, at least in relation to her recipes. But over and above Rachel, I was amazed to discover that the U.

S. television has a cable channel totally devoted to food preparation, at-home entertaining, restaurants, food and eating habits. The New-York based Food Network reaches more than 85 million households and it is broadcasted to other countries as well due to its interesting programs and live shows. One of the most famous this channel broadcasts is that of "Emeril Live." As a kid, Emeril Lagasse worked in the local Portuguese bakery and today he is one of the most famous culinary personalities.

After opening a series of successful restaurants, hosting popular TV shows and becoming one of the most recognizable chefs of all time, Emeril Lagasse remains devoted as ever to using fresh, top-quality ingredients and employs cottage industry ranchers, farmers and fishermen to ensure that he always gets the best. He constantly invents new recipes, much to the delight of his regular customers and the fans of his Food Network specials and shows "Emeril Live" and "Essence of Emeril." From what it seems, the Food Network is committed to exploring new, different, and interesting ways to approach food - through pop culture, adventure, and travel - while also expanding its repertoire of technique-based information. The only thing I have to wish to its management team and its shows is the best of success for the rest of 2006 and for the years to come.

Kadence Buchanan writes articles on many topics including Food, Home Improvement, and Outdoors

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