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Can We Use Cookers As Canners

The canning process is used to store food which is meant to last for longer periods of time. There is a whole science that investigates this process and there are always some new discoveries, recipes, and new equipment that is used for canning along with the newly discovered factors that influence the canning process. One of the most important issues when it comes to canning is safety, which assumes we are taking care of our own health with some precautions. When we say this, we mean that you shouldn't try your own special recipes or try using some new, untested equipment. And when we come to the canning equipment, pressure cooker manufacturers claim that their products can be used for canning too. But there are plenty of experts who say otherwise.

They claim pressure cookers are not good for canning and are recommending special equipment that is made strictly for canning. While it is possible to use cookers for small batches of water bath canning, it is not recommended to use cookers for canning. The main problem is that the pressure cookers need longer period of time to heat up and to cool down. This issue is one and the only thing that makes cookers unsuitable for canning.

With every recipe, there is a certain timetable that needs to be followed in order to make a successful canning. And because pressure cookers have smaller loads then canners, they need less time for heating and for cooling. This is clearly the problem since it is not possible to accurately measure the time. You probably know that you can find many pressure canner cookers in stores as well as online, but this is the problem you will have to deal with if you are concerned about safety. These products are not all the same and can make troubles for you in your canning recipes.

You can also destroy the entire food supply if you make a mistake with canning process. Not to mention your health that also may come in danger. What you need to take care of first is the size of a canner and its thickness. Canners are much wider in diameter and they use more water then pressure cookers.

While cookers have 10" in diameter, canners have at least 19" and more. It is clear that there is much difference between these two and this is exactly what affects the canning process and recipe you are using. There are the exact timetables that need to be followed but it is impossible to track them correctly with a pressure cooker. There are also margins of safety that show us how much heat is required for the reduction in bacteria for acid foods. If this is not monitored and done correctly, your food will not be suitable for consumption. These are the reasons that pressure cookers shouldn't be used as canners.

Different sizes and thickness just don't suit the recipe and canning process. It's recommended that you use Presto pressure canner or All American canner and use them as your equipment. You really shouldn't save money on something that may endanger your health, destroy your food supply while not bringing any results.

If you are eager to know more about pressure canner and cookers and find out what Wolfgang Puck pressure cooker is all about, visit our pressure cooker guide.

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