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Jacob's Creek Wines

Australia's Leading Exporter of Great Value Wines

Jacobís Creek - a winery worth remembering, when you are searching for great value wines. Youíve likely seen wines from this Australian winery before, whether on your favorite restaurantís wine list or gracing the shelves of your local wine merchant. Jacobís Creek is exported to over 60 countries around the globe and is one of Australiaís most popular producers.

Many of their wines are carrying the new screw cap tops to maintain the wineís quality and protect the all-important freshness factor that consumers have come to expect in todayís wine market.

Wines to Try:

Grenache Shiraz 2003

This multi-medal winning wine represents one of my personal favorites from Jacobís Creek.

The Grenache grape is a sweet red grape that makes wines with rich fruit flavors. The Shiraz grape (same grape is known as Syrah in France) blended with Grenache is a beautiful match, highlighting the pairs sweeter side and fruit forward appeal while also allowing for the touch of spice that often accompanies the Shiraz grape. This ruby-red wine is smooth and easy-to-drink. There are fresh fruit flavors of red raspberries and hints of cherry, aromatic spices liven up the mix and the finish is soft and mellow. A terrific wine to drink on its own or in tandem with a wide variety of entrees. Think of your favorite cheese and crackers or Caesar chicken salad recipe and grab a glass of this palate-pleasing Grenache Shiraz blend. $9  

Chardonnay 2004

Medium-yellow colors with a little green on the backsplash make this wine's first visual impressions. The aroma that follows is reminiscent of peach orchards and honeysuckles. A classic Chardonnay , with flavors of peach, ripe melon and tart apple. There is a touch of oakiness that mingles well with the slightly acidic finish. This refreshing white wine pairs well with grilled chicken and veggies or a shrimp linguine. This is a well rated wine at 87 points in Wine and Spirits Magazine . $8

Shiraz 2003

Perhaps Australia's greatest claim to wine fame, the Aussie Shiraz! Jacob's Creek has outdone themselves with a quality Shiraz that demands consumer attention as one of Australia's best values for hot and spicy, fruit-filled red wines. This wine is a deep garnet color with characteristic aromas of ripe berries and pepper. The taste confirms what the nose beheld, vivid flavors of blackberry and cherry dipped in oak. The tannins are subtle and melt into a smooth finish. This is a very drinkable red wine with plenty of pairing options to boot. I'd recommend a brisket or sirloin steak to compliment this very capable Shiraz. $8

Riesling 2004

A shining example of an Australian Riesling. Jacob's Creek has captured the essence of dry Rieslings and made them available for all at a very reasonable price. At first glance, this Riesling offers an elegant, pale-yellow color with initial citrus aromas of lemon and lime. The refreshing flavors of lemon and melon greet your palate, followed by an explosion of grapefruit, all settling in to a tangy, clean finish with moderate minerality. This wine is made for summertime salads or grilled fish. $9

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